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Trump To Run For President?

The Rumor: As reported by Robert Costa of the National Review online on July 26, 2013, Donald Trump has confirmed his interest in running for the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Although early, reportedly Trump is preparing to but his business endeavors on hold to focus on the campaign. Trump is scheduled to travel to Ames, Iowa, […]

The FBI Has No Case Against Zimmerman

As rumors surround the George Zimmerman trial and verdict, the latest, according to the Miami Herald, is that allegedly the government’s own investigation team has already all by concluded there is not enough evidence for federal indictment of George Zimmermman. However, the Department of Justice has issued a statement of an open investigation of the […]

Banks Allegedly Spying On Customers

The United Kingdom’s Barclay’s Bank new customer agreement coming out this Fall allegedly will allow it to track customers location, use, and interests. Though reported to be for fraud prevention, rumors about banks “spying” have merged with the rumor family on governments spying on citizens.¬†

Alleged NSA Surveillance Stirs Tensions in Brazil

As reported by the Christian Science Monitor, documents leaked to O Globo newspaper by Edward Snowden suggest the U.S. has monitored billions of Brazilian calls and¬†emails. President Dilma Rousseff immediately condemned the action, while Brazilian politicians are calling for her to boycott her official visit to the U.S. scheduled for October 2013. This is a […]