Trump To Run For President?

Trump To Run For President?

The Rumor:
As reported by Robert Costa of the National Review online on July 26, 2013, Donald Trump has confirmed his interest in running for the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Although early, reportedly Trump is preparing to but his business endeavors on hold to focus on the campaign. Trump is scheduled to travel to Ames, Iowa, home of the Iowa Republican straw pill to speak at an evangelical gathering.

The Backstory:
Donald Trump hyped up his potential run for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, but reportedly pulled out due to his other business obligations. 2016 seems to be a longshot for the once popular candidate who has not had a significant role in the party’s politics since the last election. Many considered his previous presidential interest as a publicity stunt for his television show rather than a legitimate campaign interest.

Our Analysis:
Donald Trump has kept the door open to a possible presidential bid since he fell out of the Republican primaries in May 2011. Staying in the public eye is a key element to his brand, business success and popularity. Although only one source has reported his early 2016 Campaign ambitions, Trump stoking the rumor mill is a sure way to stay in the media spotlight with or without following through to the Primaries. At this point this is a classic example of a curiosity type rumor.


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