Letter from Daniel Bernardi, CEO

Letter from Daniel Bernardi, CEO

To our clients, colleagues, and friends:

As a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy, I was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Public Affairs Officer and witnessed firsthand the devastating effects rumors have as they gain traction across time, space, media, and coalesce with pertinent Master narratives. Similarly, while deployed on humanitarian missions across the world from Iraq, I saw related rumors having the same negative effects. It was then that I realized the need for a tool to alert us when such stories become a threat to our missions and strategic communication campaigns, be they military or civilian.

Additionally as a scholar of narrative studies, I recognize the struggle to distinguish fact from fiction. Why do certain rumors propagate and go viral? Why are some rumors more adverse? How can we prevent such stories from damaging our reputation or our image? And, furthermore, what can we do to strategically minimize the negative effects of rumors?

NarrativeTrack’s technology locates and evaluates suspicious stories circulating throughout the media sphere. By collecting, geo-spatially locating and analyzing these stories, we can identify emerging threats to our client’s brands and strategic communication goals. NarrativeTrack arms clients with advanced tools and a team of battle-tested communicators that develop targeted strategies and tactics to take action against those threats. We protect and extend corporate, government and individual brands and communication plans our clients have worked hard to build. And with our world renowned team of scholars, communication strategists and crisis prevention teams, we deliver the best experience possible to our clients’ specific needs.

As NarrativeTrack’s various platforms become publically available, I encourage you to engage with our website and search out rumors that may interest you. Our site will allow you to submit to our database rumors you’ve encountered and create statistical reports. Also, with RumorsWiki, you can research historical rumors to better understand how Master narratives are culturally specific and find out how they differ from one society to the next. I encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see our analysis of the latest rumors in the media. Additionally, we’ll be using this platform to announce technology and company milestones, discuss pertinent rumor research, and analyze crisis communication strategies and techniques. We hope you join us often to engage in the world of rumors with us.

Daniel Bernardi, CEO

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