Too Attractive For City Council?

Too Attractive For City Council?

The Rumor:
Nina Siahkali Moradi, Female Iranian Councillor was rumored to be disqualified from her post for being too attractive.

The Backstory:
Nina Siakhali Moradi, 27, is graduate student of architecture and recently ran for Qazvin’s City Council. However, her political career was cut short after religious conservatives ousted her position. She won more than 10,000 votes in June’s election and finished 14th out of 163 candidates and was the first alternate member of the City Council, but when the mayor stepped down, she was denied her seat.

Our Analysis:
There are many stories circulating as to why she was denied her place on Qazvin’s City Council. The Times Middle East quoted a senior official as explaining the situation by saying: “We don’t want a catwalk model on the council.” The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said that the disqualification was apparently because of her “non-observance of Islamic codes” and suggested that her campaign posters were a source of the complaints from senior conservative rivals. The controversy continues as many are saying it is illegal for the election review board to disqualify someone who was qualified to run. This comes at a time when the newly elected president Hassan Rowhani has vowed to enforce new civil rights. Because of the inconsistencies with the reasons of her dismissal to a council of conservative men in muslim country, it is easy to suppose the reason was because Moradi is female, attractive and young. Although silenced from city council, Moradi has received much press regarding this injustice and her story has traveled far outside of Qazvin. It is unclear if she will run again, fight this injustice, or continue to speak out against her wrongdoing, but it is clear that she is the current media darling.


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