New Book on Rumors: Rumor and Communication in Asia in the Internet Age

9.27.13blogAuthor, Greg Dalziel, opens the book with the pertinent quote: “Rumor, I believe, is a practical necessity of human existence. It is founded upon the human longing for knowledge; it ap

peals to and satisfies that social instinct which has welded individuals into communities (Chadwick 1932; 8-9).” To be sure, this book explores the existence of rumors within the communities throughout Asia. New communication technology has transformed the way in which news about key events is communicated around diverse societies. Specifically in the book, the various authors explore the immediate aftermath of catastrophic events such as the Mumbai attacks or the Japanese tsunami, the partial accounts, accurate and inaccurate facts, and how rumors and speculations are now very rapidly disseminated across the world. The contributors explore the situations in which rumors flourish and continue to characterize events even after the truth is addressed by the news media or a more accurate account is determined.

NarrativeTrack’s own Drs. Daniel Bernardi and Scott Ruston contributed to this work with their chapter entitled, “Triangle of death: strategic communication, counterinsurgency, and the rumor mill.” Their research explores how rumors fit into and extend narrative systems and ideologies within the context of terrorism, counter-terrorism, and extremist insurgencies. Their work provides an understanding on how oral and digital cultures work within the larger context of socio-political, economic and various cultural factors that make up a given society and why certain rumors can have such a great impact.

For those professionals who work in the communication field or within Asian communities, this book will offer much insight. Greg Daziel’s text is an informative read that frames the political and social impact of rumors within the context of strategic communication strategies and practices of diverse Asian countries.

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