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rumorswiki_LOGORumorsWiki is the nonprofit arm of NarrativeTrack Inc., and a great repository for all things rumor related. Aurelio Espinosa is a historian of imperial Spain and the curator of the site. Like Daniel Bernardi, CEO of NarrativeTrack, they both have experience identifying the narrative and historical elements that define the importance of a rumor. I asked Espinosa why he thinks RumorsWiki is is valuable.  “At RumorsWiki,” he responded, “we are interested in uncovering the historical nature of rumors as strategic narratives designed to achieve goals that are often harmful and destructive.   Rumors also reveal popular manifestations of discontent and subversive voices critical of systems that control information and generate propaganda for the purpose of advancing the interests of the ruling elite.“

ImageBernardi and Espinosa have worked together in the  past, namely when he was Chair of Film and Media Studies at ASU and Espinosa taught a course for him. “Aurelio is a rigorous scholar,” Bernardi commented, “His deep understanding of historiography, media and Spanish literature gives him a unique point of view. I am always amazed at the insight he brings to RumorsWiki.”

Espinosa hopes that the work he is doing for RumorsWiki serves to contextualize the importance of historically significant rumors, even common myths and illuminating facts, and wants other scholars to dig in and do more research on rumors. Each article provides information and analysis of a rumor and identifies its narrative elements (e.g., villains, heroes, actions and moral resolutions). These concepts are not just for academics. Business can add value to their strategic communication plans and learn to protect their brands from various stories circulating in the media sphere.  My next blog will dig into how NarrativeTrack Inc helps companies do just that.

 Quarterly, Espinosa will be blogging on different rumors and concepts, so please check in for updates! Next week will feature an exciting guest blogger you may know…

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