A Closer Look: The Engineering Team

Left: Lance Berberena, Middle: Sean Roth, Right: Ryan Jenkins

April 25, 2014

Carly Menacho

NarrativeTrack is a dynamic and exciting collaborative effort. The Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Research and Finance teams work collectively to make decisions, grow ideas, and move products forward. Each team member brings a unique perspective to the table. All opinions are carefully considered and then new ideas are executed quickly. This collaboration is a large part of what makes NarrativeTrack such a successful and innovative company.

Group Dynamics

The engineering team plays a vital role in NarrativeTrack’s success. Not only have they contributed to the creation of an ingenious and one-of-a-kind product, they continually develop new and innovative products at a stunning pace.

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Influence Tracker Dashboard Feature

The engineering team is currently focusing on the final additions to their latest product, the NarrativeTrack dashboard. Sean Roth, Chief Technology Officer and head of the engineering team says, “The NarrativeTrack dashboard allows a client to see what stories are circulating in the media about their brand. It provides several views of the data we have related to the client, including one that uses machine learning to see stories that are likely to be undermining the client’s narrative. Other views include stories that are aligned with the client’s narrative and another that shows stories that are currently trending on the Internet.”

Sean works with two other programmers on this as well as the other NT products in development: Ryan Jenkins who has been with the company for a year and a half, and Lance Berberena, who has worked with NT for two years.

A Closer Look

After interviewing each team member separately, I was able to gain more insight into their work and thoughts on engineering in general.

“Right now I am in charge of Quality Assurance,” said Lance Berberena, programmer. “This is very important because I need to make sure our product meets certain standards and is ready to be delivered to our clients.”

Narrative Track strives to create products that are both innovative and user-friendly. Lance is currently focused on making that happen while Sean and Ryan Jenkins continue the hard work of building products.

“My favorite project while working at NarrativeTrack has been Celeriac, an implementation of the Celery protocol in Clojure which we use to process long running tasks and tasks that occur outside of the request/response cycle,” said Ryan about his favorite past projects. “I’ve enjoyed the project because Clojure is a fun lisp dialect and I think the project could even be useful outside of NarrativeTrack.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 3.16.12 PM

Early Warning Dashboard feature.

I wanted to know how each engineer discovered the company and what made excited them about the prospect of working for NT.

The work presented me with an interesting technical challenge,” said Sean. “I also had the freedom to choose the best tools for the job, which is nice.”

Lance was interested in the opportunity to work on something new.

He said, What initially attracted me was the job description of working as a web developer. I was also intrigued about being able to write crawlers to gather our data across the web.”

I also asked about the special perks to working at NarrativeTrack…

Ryan, an avid caffeine consumer, discussed the projects he has the opportunity to work on. He said, “I get to work on a larger codebase than I’ve ever worked on before and get more say in technical decisions than a junior programmer probably should. That and the coffee.”

Sean talked about his co-workers.

He said, “The people at NarrativeTrack are my favorite. Everyone looks out for one another and never hesitates to help someone else.”

What’s Next

The engineering department plays an essential role in NarrativeTrack’s success. They will continue to improve the dashboard, work on future products, and collaborate with the rest of the company to bring them to market. Lance said, “I feel that NarrativeTrack can go as far as the Engineering team can take it. Meaning that as long as we stay on top of our game we will continue to succeed in meeting the company’s goals.”

We will check back in with the team periodically to find out about new products and website features!

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