Strategic Communications

In January, 2011, Bill Salvin, the new CEO and President of NarrativeTrack and the Founder of Signal Bridge Communications, published a blog on the importance of customer trust. Fifty-one percent of customers will believe positive information about a trusted company after hearing it one to two times, compared to fifteen percent in a company that […]

Merger Rumors

Company mergers and acquisitions can cause a great deal of stress and often produce rumors and half-truths from various news sources. News at to when, how, if and should companies merge or acquire is frequently debated and greatly anticipated. Merger rumors are generally hope or fear type rumors depending on the reaction they instill in […]

A Closer Look: The Engineering Team

April 25, 2014 Carly Menacho NarrativeTrack is a dynamic and exciting collaborative effort. The Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Research and Finance teams work collectively to make decisions, grow ideas, and move products forward. Each team member brings a unique perspective to the table. All opinions are carefully considered and then new ideas are executed quickly. This […]

Countering Rumors: 3 Ways to Slow the Flow of False News in a Crisis

As many of you know, today is the 2014 Boston Marathon held in Boston, Massachusetts. On this day, most of us remember the tragedy that struck the city of Boston and the nation during the 2013 marathon. In honor of that remembrance, we are very pleased to share a guest blog post with you all […]

This Week in Rumors: Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  Carly Bay Menacho March 20, 2014   Everyone remembers when they were first hurt by a rumor. Whether it’s that person you had a crush on in high school or something more serious in your professional life, these rumors can cause a great deal of damage. Years ago, rumors like this spread mostly by […]

This Week in Rumors: Be Careful What You Wish For…

      Rumors and Social Media Everyone can relate to that feeling of excitement you get waiting for news or information about an important upcoming event! Whether it is waiting for a favorite artist to release a new album, the debut of the sequel to a movie, or the long awaited end to an […]

This Week in Rumors: There is Nothing More Frightening than Half-Truths

Carly Menacho February 27, 2014   Rumors and Social Media If you are like me, each year you receive increasingly more information about major events through social media sites. These sites are a great way to efficiently reach large groups of people, especially since many of us use mobile devices and can access social media […]

This Week in Rumors Part I: Curiosity Killed the Cat

Carly Menacho February 3rd, 2014 If you spend time on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook you know that users are eager to share any and all new information about upcoming technological gadgets and features. In fact, we get so excited about these new technologies that we are ready to spread information regarding […]

RumorsWiki: Not Your Average Archive

RumorsWiki is the nonprofit arm of NarrativeTrack Inc., and a great repository for all things rumor related. Aurelio Espinosa is a historian of imperial Spain and the curator of the site. Like Daniel Bernardi, CEO of NarrativeTrack, they both have experience identifying the narrative and historical elements that define the importance of a rumor. I […]

Narrative Landmines Wins Book Award

Narrative Landmines: Rumors, Islamist Extremism, and the Struggle for Strategic Influence was recently awarded the 2012 Outstanding Co-Authored Book of the Year by the National Communication Association (NCA). Two of NarrativeTrack’s strategic communication specialists, Daniel Bernardi and Scott Ruston, are co-authors of the book. Narrative Landmines explores how rumors fit into and extend narrative systems […]